About Monique

About Monique


Dr. Monique B. Stallworth is a reproductive health practitioner, with a specialty in functional nutrition, gut health, and hormone optimization. I have several years in the medical/nursing field. My goal is to fulfill the gap between patient and their primary care provider to navigate and address root causes of their chronic illnesses. A few of the services provided include perimenopause and/or menopause disorders, leaky gut/dysbiosis, PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, and hypothyroidism. I also incorporate a host of herbal tea blends and supplements to support Women’s Care. You deserve optimal health, and I cannot wait to help guide you on that journey!

She has been in the realm of healthcare for over 20 years.  Her absolute passion is caring for all women across the lifespan and helping them navigate through their unique health needs.  Women spend so much time tending to the needs of other people in their lives, that we often neglect ourselves. 

 So let’s turn the focus back to YOU!

The time is now to get your mind, body, and health back to happy, the holistic way.

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